All kinds of useful information




Just English: a blog about our language.

Mark Twain’s Writing Tips: solid gold.

Bend Word to Your Will: Ya gotta love the title. For power users who know what they don’t know and want to learn it.

New York Times After Deadline: notes from the newsroom on grammar, usage, and style.

OneLook: the mother lode of dictionaries.

Thesaurus: What else can I say?

Duotrope’s Digest: a free resource listing 2900+ current fiction and poetry publications.

Purdue University’s Online Writing Lab: the ne plus ultra for APA/MLA formatting rules.

Ten Writing Tips that almost everyone will find useful.

The “Basic Plots” in Literature: How many are there? Well, it all depends…

Writer’s Market: Where and how to sell what you write. Paid subscription.

Word FAQs: A bunch of interesting information about words. Seriously. Very entertaining.

Wordiness List: help for the prolix.

Kuler: In case you’re tired of cat videos. Thank me later.

Author Support: Cover art, web design, marketing materials for writers. High talent, low drama. Beautiful work.

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