Word™ is Your Friend

There are two things I hear—or see—all the time. One is that people “hate” Word, and the other is that people don’t know how to use Word. Most of these intersect or overlap. Generally, I find this out when it’s time to edit or format their manuscripts. That’s when I see the warts. And all.

I say:

  • Word is the standard. Other programs are nothing but trouble, compatibility-wise. Get over it.
  • If you stop fighting it, you might be able to learn to use it well. (Have you ever heard the expression ‘Shoveling sh!t against the tide’? Think about that.)
  • It’s not so hard.
  • Do it already.
  • If you need help, call me.
  • But first, check out this post on BookWorks.

Here’s why: When it comes time to prepare your manuscript for anything, forget about stopping at editing the content. Form may cost you even more money. For this I have advice—one word (Word)—STYLES.

As for the rest, we can talk about that.


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